As per usual we sent a delegation to attend the premier Swedish WordCamp and here’s our impressions.

This year the event was a part of Internetdagarna (The Internet Days), the largest Swedish event for internet professionals. So there were a lot more attendees than usual, but it wasn’t always easy to tell which were WordPressers and which were not. This led to some interesting confusion and opportunity for random interactions. An interesting benefit was that the keynotes were not directly WordPress related, but rather directed towards the internet as a whole or the internet as a culture.
Darius Kazemi and Erica Joy Baker made heart felt and compelling arguments for how the internet has been bringing out the worst of us. And that we all have a responsibility towards keeping the discussion civil and to treat everyone we encounter as a human being and someone who is more like you than you might think. Now this may seem obvious to most, but it’s not enough that you and I behave as humans towards other people. We have to make sure that hate and abuse is not allowed to become a normal part of the internet experience.

This has been put in stark contrast by recent political events that echo events in the 1920s and ’30s.

From a strictly WordPress point of view it must be said that the talks continue to maintain a very high standard. Not every talk brought something new to the table, but some things do bear repeating.
On the technical side, which was were we spent the most of our time, there was much talk about the REST-API, Javascript front ends, deployment, testing and automation. All very sexy things that we love! So we were happy with these talks.
Even if you are really pumped to try out all the new trick and technologies from the talks right away, there’s only so much time to do that, and not always the opportunity to implement them in your organization. At least not immediately, some take more effort than others. But some of them might and the rest may have to wait until we’re reminded of them at the next WordCamp.

As always it was great fun to meet our fellow WP Professionals and compare notes and have some good drinks together 🙂