Drupal has a bit of a drab path scheme for it’s content by default. It’s all node/xyz, node/afk and so on.
There is however an easy way to bring some flavor to this.

Under Configuration » Search and metadata you’ll find URL aliases. If you don’t then I suppose you haven’t activated the Path module, which you should.
Go to the tab ‘Patterns’ and you can add more descriptive paths to your content and more. A page for example could have the path: page/[node:title], your blog entries: blog[node:title].

To make the settings take effect you may have to use a bit of brute force. Normally you’d go to the tab ‘Bulk update’ and tick ‘Content paths’ and then update. If that doesn’t take, then go to ‘Delete aliases’ and tick ‘Content’ and then delete the aliases. After that you can repeat step one.

You should also get the Path Auto module if you haven’t already. That way you’ll get automatically generated URL aliases without any fuss when generating content.

Also note that a meaningful path scheme is great in conjunction with the Context module when selecting which nodes to act on.